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In the dynamic world of construction and design, professionals constantly strive for efficiency, precision, and growth. At Bildsy, we recognize the intricacies and demands of your profession. Whether you're an architect drafting the next iconic structure, a contractor orchestrating complex projects, or a designer bringing spaces to life, our platform is engineered to empower you. With advanced technological tools at your fingertips, we aim to streamline your operations, connect you with valuable opportunities, and enhance your service delivery. Explore our suite of solutions tailored exclusively for professionals, and redefine what's possible in your craft.


Reliable Lead Generation

Expand your clientele effortlessly. Our platform specializes in generating accurate and relevant leads, connecting you with homeowners ready to embark on their construction projects, and ensuring steady business growth.


AI-Enhanced Takeoff & Estimator

Streamline your projects with unparalleled precision. Our AI-powered takeoff and estimator tool allows contractors to swiftly and accurately gauge material quantities, labor costs, and other essential project metrics. Say goodbye to manual calculations and oversights, and embrace efficiency and accuracy in your estimations.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Advanced 3D Design with LiDAR Technology

Elevate your design capabilities with our fully customizable AI-enhanced 3D design tool. Leveraging the precision of LiDAR technology, professionals can craft detailed and realistic design representations, offering clients a vivid preview of the final output. While homeowners have access to ARKit, professionals benefit from an advanced suite, ensuring the finest design accuracy and flexibility.

Exclusive Pro Prices on Building Materials

Quality materials at unbeatable prices. Professionals using Bildsy gain access to exclusive pro prices on a vast range of building materials. Elevate the quality of your projects while ensuring cost efficiency and maximizing profitability.

Modern Bathtub
Cat on Counter

Vetted Sub-Contractor Directory

Connect with the best in the business. Our directory features a curated list of sub-contractors who have undergone rigorous vetting processes. Whether you're looking for specialized skills or reliable partners for large-scale projects, our directory ensures you collaborate with the industry's finest.

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