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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founded in Tennessee in 2020, Bildsy is not just another name in the construction industry. We are an artificially intelligent and augmented reality-first driven technology entity, born with a singular vision - to reshape the global construction landscape. Our mission? To stand as the premier platform bridging professionals and homeowners, shaping a future where construction is as seamless as it is efficient.

Our Ambition and Vision

Our ethos revolves around delivering holistic, efficient, and transparent solutions, creating a nexus between homeowners, contractors, and suppliers. By emphasizing user-centricity, simplifying construction intricacies, and championing professionalism, transparency, and community empowerment, we don't just aim to build – we aim to build smarter. This vision is reinforced with targeted financial aspirations that reflect our boundless potential.

What We Offer

  • For Homeowners: Our platform emerges as an all-encompassing resource for your renovation or remodeling endeavors. Whether it's obtaining multiple quotes from vetted professionals, choosing the perfect materials, scheduling services, or even rating providers, our website and mobile app encapsulate it all, tailoring an experience centered around your convenience.

  • For Professionals: We're not just about connecting you with leads. We're about fostering growth. With Bildsy, tradespeople and contractors receive consistent lead generation, meticulous performance analysis, accolades for excellence, and exclusive discounts on tools, materials, and insurance. For businesses, our platform extends a podium to market products, vend materials, and even exchange invaluable data insights.

    Our Competitive Edge

           Where we truly stand apart is our unwavering commitment to an integrated, data-centric platform, sustainable innovation, and an unmatched end-to-end customer journey. While traditional home centers might appear as competitors, none echo our all-encompassing software and service solution ethos.


The Opportunity Ahead


With a booming housing market and escalating home improvement investments, the horizon looks promising. Bildsy isn't just adapting; we're pioneering. Through relentless refinement of our operations, forays into physical domains, and the integration of avant-garde services and predictive technologies, we're charting a new course in home improvement.        

Our Legacy


Beyond just construction, our objective is a harmonious blend of technological advancement, environmental consciousness, and human touch, vital to sculpting a world that's not just built well, but also lived well. Bildsy's strengths are crystallized in our visionary strategy, robust partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable progress. As we scale, we're not just looking at thriving markets but also at nurturing communities that will flourish for ages.


Because at Bildsy, we don't just build places. We build communities.

Our Story

In the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, 2020, Bildsy was born out of a passion for revolutionizing the construction industry. As pioneers in integrating artificial intelligence and augmented reality, we embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between homeowners and professionals. Our journey, though young, is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation, transparency, and community building. Today, Bildsy stands as a testament to the potential of technology, vision, and human spirit, continuously shaping a brighter, smarter, and more connected construction future.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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