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Grow Your Vision

Our Vision

At Bildsy AI, we are revolutionizing the way people design and remodel their spaces. Our innovative technology combines the power of 3D LiDAR and ARKit apps to create accurate room floorplans, allowing users to visualize their ideas in a virtual environment. With our AI image generators, users can easily remodel their bathroom or kitchen by simply uploading a photo and experimenting with different designs. We believe in the power of AI to make estimating construction faster and more efficient, saving both time and money for our customers. Join us on this exciting journey as we transform the way people create and reimagine their spaces.

Our Technology

Learn about the innovative technology we are utilizing at Bildsy


Augmented Reality

C# with ARKit: With ARKit integration, our designers can produce lifelike simulations, allowing clients to virtually step into their future homes or spaces. ARKit's specialized features enable a seamless and immersive AR experience, enhancing our home design presentations.

LiDAR: LiDAR, or "Light Detection and Ranging," is a cutting-edge remote sensing technology that employs pulsed lasers to gauge distances accurately. In the realm of home design, when integrated into mobile devices, LiDAR becomes instrumental in scanning rooms or spaces. This offers a precise 3D blueprint, vital for creating detailed AR visualizations and models of proposed design changes.


Artificial Intelligence

Word Embeddings: Word embeddings are advanced techniques that understand and represent the nuances of language. In home design, they can be utilized to analyze customer feedback, reviews, or design specifications, converting words into numerical vectors. Tools like Word2Vec and GloVe help in automatically categorizing design preferences, styles, or trends based on textual data, making it easier to tailor designs to client wishes.

Predictive Model: Our predictive model at Bildsy is an invaluable asset for construction and design forecasting. By analyzing historical design projects and associated costs, this model provides accurate estimates for labor and materials. This data-driven approach ensures efficient budgeting and planning, enhancing our home design offerings.

Diffusion Models: In the realm of home design, diffusion models serve as powerful tools for iterative design generation. Starting with your existing room, these models can evolve it step-by-step, producing a myriad of intricate design variations. By harnessing the reversing capability of the diffusion process, we can visualize a spectrum of design possibilities, ensuring the best fit for a client's vision.


React Native

React Native: React Native, pioneered by Facebook, empowers our team to craft a unified mobile application tailored for both iOS and Android platforms. This framework is especially beneficial for our homeowner-contractor lead generation platform, ensuring smooth performance and an intuitive user interface. By leveraging React Native's robust components and design principles, we've created a user-friendly app that seamlessly connects homeowners with contractors, making the process of finding and hiring professionals more efficient and effective.

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