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Redefining Design

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Get to Know Us

At Bildsy, we believe in Building Local, Building Better. Through our innovative platform, we unify various aspects of the construction industry, offering streamlined, efficient, and transparent solutions. From lead generation to 3D AR/AI-driven design, we're revolutionizing the home improvement experience for homeowners, and professionals. Join us in reshaping the future of construction.

Our Solutions


Lead Generation

Bildsy offers a reliable platform tailored for professionals in the construction industry. This platform focuses on generating accurate leads, facilitating business growth, and supporting professionals in expanding their operations.


AI-Enhanced Services

Bildsy emphasizes the use of AI technology to optimize various aspects of the construction process. This includes automating floor plan creation, proposing intelligent designs, suggesting materials smartly, and automating construction takeoffs.


E-Commerce Platform

Bildsy plans to launch an e-commerce store dedicated to building materials and finishes. This platform will cater to a diverse audience, including homeowners, contractors, and businesses, and will integrate seamlessly with other operations, like lead generation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Vision to Reality: AI-powered personalized design experiences

  • See the Future: Stunning 3D renderings of your dream space

  • Budget with Confidence: Pinpoint-accurate cost estimates

  • Beyond the Screen: Unique blend of online innovation and physical retail

Why Choose Us?

Expertise in AR and Machine Learning

AI-Driven Personalized Designs

Effortless Visualization and Execution

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